Fourth, July

Sometimes I am really unpatriotic, like it’s bad. Because at times when I think about America I think about all the bad things, the injustices, the system, everything negative. 

My mother knows why I can’t feel so patriotic at times so she said to me..

“Vanessa, instead of thinking of the bad things America has faced and been a part of, and indeed it’s been a lot, think of the progression we’ve made and are still making. Think of the opportunities you and I have to better ourselves everyday, not everyone can get these opportunities.”

Me: “But slavery, the Government, gay rights – equality..”

“Times have been hard, but every year we celebrate because we progress. Even if things aren’t doing well we try to make it better. Also, just think of others. We have much more opportunity. Just appreciate it honey.”

And I do, no matter how much injustices I see done by the Government or higher authority, I still appreciate the fact that change is being made and I can wake up everyday and have the right to an education, food, water, anything my heart desires basically.

So thank you America.

(we can still work on the mantra “Liberty and justice for all,” because not everyone is getting that.)


About vmankss

Senior, newly natural head (12/12 - eternity) This blog is about my journey. My black essence.
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