Changing the legal system for Trayvon Martin.

Only July 13th George Zimmerman was found “Not Guilty” in the case of the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.

To be honest, I was in complete shock. So shocked that I waited until I actually felt totally comfortable to write about how I feel. I was only shocked because I was holding on to that little gleam of hope that justice would be served. I saw a tiny light at the end of the tunnel. But the jurors didn’t. I thought the jurors were going to analyze the case carefully and DO THE RIGHT THING. That didn’t happen and that’s how I’m certain that justice will not be served according to the legal system, but by the people. By force. 

Now, unlike others, I do wholeheartedly believe that the murder was a case of racial profiling, the verdict, I’m 50/50 on.

Why did Zimmerman target Trayvon that night? I’ll tell you – he was black and had a hoodie on. Typical hoodlum, I guess. So he initiated a fight, regardless of the fact that he was told not to.

and now Trayvon Martin who was unarmed is dead and his killer is free.


Why was Travyon profiled? Because he fit the stereotype.

In Amerikkka there is a stereotype against black boys and blacks in general. We’re “ghetto”, all on welfare, poor, bitter (that’s why we always pull the race card apparently) and I’m writing this because although some of us are those things we aren’t ALL those things. How some African American young men carry themselves is making an image for ALL African Americans throughout America. Boys and girls alike. 

so that’s why I believe we have to change. 

We have to put our heads in our books and take our educations seriously. It’s the only way to change the legal system and eventually the world. We have to be better. We have to be overqualified. We have to change the world one mind at a time because being black in Amerikkka isn’t easy. Racism is still alive and kicking and stereotypes are still running wild.

But that’s because some people fit the stereotype. It shouldn’t be that way, but that’s the way  it is and the only way to change that is through power.


Be beyond the stereotype.

Be better than racism.

Knowledge is power.



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Senior, newly natural head (12/12 - eternity) This blog is about my journey. My black essence.
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3 Responses to Changing the legal system for Trayvon Martin.

  1. Alexandria Adair Vasquez says:

    I agree that knowledge is power and that we all need to live up to our potential, in order to lift up as a people. But I think it’s also important to recognize that some people “live up” to these stereotypes only because they were born into a legacy of poverty and illiteracy. Sometimes it can’t be helped (which, of course, is why those of us who have the opportunity to do so need to change it!). xx

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