Oh happy day

I am just feeling beyond happy! 

Why am I happy you ask? After 8 months of no relaxer I am finally ready to cut my hair off or big chop as everyone says. 

This makes me really really excited because I’m going to look different and this is just like me spontaneous.

What made me want to big chop?

Well, my hair has long ass stringy ends with thick natural new-growth on the top. It looks pretty awful if you ask me. Transitioning is horrible, I’ve been doing it with braids which makes it easier, but damn does it cost a lot of money. Money that I don’t have. Therefore, big chopping and starting this process afresh is exciting.

When am I big chopping?

Today, most likely around 4 or 5 (pictures to come)

Who knows I’m big chopping?

My immediate family knows that I’m cutting it today, but my friends and others think I’m cutting it in August, I just decided to do it today instead.


None. Negative comments will come, but also will positive comments. I won’t let me feel less beautiful than I am and that’s the truth.

Pictures later tonight! Woohoo, big chop!


About vmankss

Senior, newly natural head (12/12 - eternity) This blog is about my journey. My black essence.
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2 Responses to Oh happy day

  1. cvgreene says:

    How inspiring. Can’t wait to see pics!

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