Big chop – Finger coil style

Big chop - Finger coil style

Today around 5:30 I big chopped and I actually really like it. The stylist who cut my hair for me looked at my face after she cut it and she was said, “You’re that type of could rock both the long and short hair and still look absolutely fabulous!”
That meant A LOT because before I finished my finger coils I felt that I looked like a boy. But then I had a photoshoot aka my favorite thing to do and I thought “DAMN, I look good ;)” and that’s all the approval I need!

I know for a fact that I’m going to get comments on Sunday because I have a rude ass cousin and aunt who like to say WHATEVER they please, but thank God I really couldn’t care less about their opinion!

I’m taking the coils out next week and rocking my twa because it’s pretty sexy.


i’m so excited for this new journey 🙂


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Senior, newly natural head (12/12 - eternity) This blog is about my journey. My black essence.
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