Do you know how I feel when someone compares me to someone “better” than me?


Yeah, yeah, I know. “Hate is a strong word.” I know. I agree, but I can’t help but feel that way when I’m being compared to another person.

I feel hatred towards the person who is comparing me to another person and I feel hatred towards the person I’m being compared too. Even if the person who I’m being compared to is either my best friend, or my family member. I just can’t help but feel a tad bit envious and angry. 

Some of you might be wondering..”Why do you ‘hate’ the person you’re being compared to?” 

Because there is a reason why I’m being compared to that person.

Is that person really actually “better” than me? Or is that person just being themselves and by being themselves are they more likable to the person who is comparing me to them? (tongue twister or thought provoking? both?)

Frankly, I just don’t understand. When has being oneself not been enough? Why is it not enough?

The fact that comparison is a cycle that won’t ever stop is really discouraging to me. No wonder why everyone is trying to be someone who they’re not.


About vmankss

Senior, newly natural head (12/12 - eternity) This blog is about my journey. My black essence.
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