A Tribe Called Quest


I just started listening to them and they are pretty cool. I thought it was a white band though! Lol, when I listened I was so surprised! I was honestly thinking, damn, this is hip hop, old school hip hop to be exact! I like it though..I think they got themselves a new fan.

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love this! for a girl who’s getting the big chop next month, this is awesome!


Let me start off by saying this is such a random post. Get used to it kiddos.  Maybe it will help someone. Anyways, if you watched the Grammy’s I’m sure you saw Rihanna is that gorgeous Azzedine Alaïa red dress and maybe you noticed how unbecoming her hairstyle was. In photographs it doesn’t look bad but it looked pretty ratchet on the telly.  Folks were really going in on her on Twitter. I saw one tweet that said she needs to go to the hood so she can get a good sew-in. It really wasn’t a good look but I think I’m biased because I prefer to see Rihanna with short hair. I know she is self-conscious about her forehead but I think really long hair isn’t as flattering on women with large foreheads as short hair is. Sounds backwards right? I know most people think if your forehead is big you should try to cover it up but it can actually make the woman’s entire…

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tired, moody, sleepy = NO AP BIOLOGY

I just started this AP Biology summer assignment and I’m ready to throw this oversized textbook out of the window. I don’t want to do this! I don’t know if it’s because I’m really hungry and moody or if it’s because I’m really tired.

I guess the best time to start an AP assignment is not when you’ve been sick the past few days..or at night, when you’re tired. Actually, if someone brought me a Dr. Pepper and a slice of spinach pizza I think I’d be okay. But for now, I don’t think it’s going to happen.

It’s also JULY 1ST. I’m actually starting early, really early. I just hope I stay motivated because my goal is to knock out this assignment before August 1st.

that’s when the common application opens. that’s when my life will change entirely.

stressed-out-senior_o_811327 (this is my face when someone mentions college applications)

Being the sixteen year old girl I am, first person in my immediate family who will be attending college, I’m feeling the pressure being weighed on me. I just don’t want to disappoint myself, let alone other people.

But like the saying goes, whatever happens, happens. Follow the flow.

So I’ll ride the flow, hopefully it leads me somewhere nice.

These thoughts shouldn’t be running around in my head at this time. I’m going to bed. Maybe tomorrow I can actually finish some of this assignment.

Until then,


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Happi and Nappi


We have to teach our kids that nappy is NOT a bad word !
Thinking of getting this made into a t shirt.. what do you think?

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This is new

I usually blog on tumblr so this is different..In a cool way. I don’t think I’m really going to post too much until I (drum roll please) badadadada – cut off all of my hair! Woohoo! I think that’ll really have me posting a lot. I’m excited to go back to the hair I had when I was a baby. I’ve been perming my hair for God knows how long..so it’ll be nice to go back.

Until then,

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